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ALJ Group invites you to join efforts for a greener maritime future at the 4th Decarbonizing Shipping Forum in Hamburg on June 28th-29th!
A true shift to a sustainable and carbon-neutral shipping industry not only requires innovative technical solutions but also a shift in the mindsets of people who are going through this transformation. The decarbonization agenda is becoming increasingly more ambitious and it requires to explore new ways of cutting on emission in day-to-day ship operations as well as long-term solutions that would bring about a lasting positive impact. It also requires new forward-thinking talents and joint corporate efforts starting with top-level management. Therefore, we are offering a platform to discuss new technology combined with human element and what decarbonizing means to the shipping industry from all points of view.
Top business executives, policymakers, innovators, and technology experts will dive into debates during conference sessions and networking breaks in Hamburg – don’t miss your chance to join them!


Decarbonizing Shipping Industry

  • • Latest environmental regulations, social responsibility, and financial implications
  • • Talent, organisational culture, and leadership impact on sustainable maritime industry
  • • Sustainability and finance – good financial management practices
  • • Corporate decision-making process in determining company’s decarbonization strategy
  • • Top criteria for selection of emission reducing technologies
  • • The role of the European ports contributing to greening of the shipping industry


Future Fuels

  • • Marine fuel mix 2030 - which fuels will be used for next 10 years?
  • • LNG – reducing infrastructure CAPEX, lowering the methane slip
  • • LPG – production forecast, benefits of LPG powered fleet
  • • Methanol – design and operation of methanol fuelled ships
  • • Biofuels – supply challenges, pricing forecast
  • • Hydrogen and Ammonia – infrastructure status and development, storage and handling technologies
  • • Hybrid electric solutions: opportunities, availability, and scale
  • • Emulsified Fuels – delivering economic and CO2 savings, today, without expensive retrofits


Sustainable and Innovative Solutions

  • Engineering Solutions for Sustainability and Better Efficiency

    1. • Developing zero emission ships and becoming carbon neutral
    2. • Reducing the environmental impact of ships’ day-to-day operations
    3. • Fuel saving technologies (batteries, fuel cell systems, wind-assisted propulsion, emulsified fuels)
    4. • Ballast water treatment solutions and exhaust gas cleaning systems
    5. • Sustainable ship recycling, sustainable new shipbuilding and ship repair
    6. • Propulsion technologies, wind-assisted ship propulsion
    7. • The role of SCR technology in NOx control
    8. • HVAC - electronic control, increasing SEER rating
  • Energy Efficiency Measures – Machinery

    1. • Optimisation of auxiliary systems
    2. • Engine performance optimization
    3. • Engine de-rating
    4. • Stop Plastic Bottled Water - Protect Seafarers and the Environment
    5. • Exhaust gas boilers on auxiliary engines
    6. • Variable engine speed
    7. • Shaft generators (PTI/PTO)
    8. • Efficient lighting system
    9. • Variable frequency drives
  • Energy Efficiency Measures - Hydrodynamics

    1. • Hull cleaning
    2. • Hull coating
    3. • Hull form optimization
    4. • Hull modifications
    5. • Propulsion efficiency devices
    6. • Propeller efficiency and propeller retrofit


Smart Shipping

  • • Digital transformation across all shipping sectors
  • • Data-driven efficiency for decarbonisation
  • • Digital solutions for reducing fuel consumption, route optimization, cargo tracking
  • • Importance of connectivity in digital operations
  • • Innovation in satellite communication
  • • Cyber Security: Incident Monitoring, Analysis and Response
  • • Autonomous vessels - future of shipping?
  • • Smart ports - automation and innovative technologies
Chairman of the Event

Captain Walter Purio

Chairman, Rise-x.io


Berit Hinnemann

Head of Decarbonisation Business Development, Maersk


Captain Wolfram Guntermann

Director Regulatory Affairs, Hapag-Lloyd AG


Roger Strevens

VP, Global Sustainability, Wallenius Wilhelmsen


Lucienne Damm

Head of Sustainability, TUI Cruises


Xavier Leclercq

Vice president of CMA Ships, CMA CGM Group


Linden Coppell

Director of Sustainability, MSC Cruises


Regina Asariotis

Chief, Policy and Legislation Section TLB, Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD


Christoph Schlador

Vice President Decarbonisation, Carnival Maritime


Melissa Williams

Vice President, Marine Sectors and Decarbonisation, Shell


Jan Egbertsen

Innovation Manager, Port of Amsterdam


Bernard Vanheule

EU Affairs Director, Costa Group


Wassim Daoud

Head of sustainability and CSR, PONANT


Domagoj Baresic

Research Associate, UCL Energy Institute


Alexandre Tocatlian

Head of Business Development, GTT


Jonathan (Jonny) Hudson

Global Market Leader Oil Tankers and Adjacent Stakeholders, Bureau Veritas


Wayne Lundy

Senior Engineer, U.S. Coast Guard


Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos

Co-founder & CTO, DeepSea Technologies


Sebastian Ebbing

Technical Advisor Climate, Marine fuels, Innovation and Funding, German Shipowners’ Association


Greg Dolan

Chief Executive Officer, Methanol Institute


Dennis Chafiâ

Manager of Business Development, GIDARA Energy


Gavin Allwright

Secretary General, International Windship Association (IWSA)


Steve Esau



Minas Papadakis

CEO, Heraklion Port Authority


Vinita Venkatesh

Managing Director, Ocean2Door India


Cal Hayden

Vice President of Global Ship Management, Crowley


Pippa Ganderton

Product Director – ATPI Halo, Sustainable Travel & Events Solutions


Valeria Mangiarotti

Director of Technical Environmental Solutions, MedCruise


Martyn Griffiths

Director Public Affairs, CLIA


Thomas Klenum

Executive Vice President, Innovation & Regulatory Affairs, LISCR


Ralf Diemer

Managing Director, eFuel Alliance


Ferhat Acuner

General Manager, Navtek


Jason Miles

Chief Executive Officer, Quadrise Fuels


Anders Skibdal

CEO, PureteQ


Michael Boot

Co-Founder & CEO, Vertoro


Frederic Bouthillier

Head of Sustainable Shipping, Vertis Environmental Finance


Bernadett Papp

Head of Research & Analysis, Vertis Environmental Finance


Dr. Martin Koller

Global Product Manager Head of Laboratory KAP - Air Pollution Control Marine Solutions, Andritz


Mike Guggenheimer

President & CEO, RSC Bio Solutions


Antonello Zanfardino

Senior Carbon Analyst, BRS Group


Karl Lander

Director, Regulatory Compliance and Outreach, Armach Robotics


Iraklis Kyriakou

Chemical/Environmental Officer, Alberta Shipmanagement Ltd

VIP Guest

Maurizio d'Aamico

Technical Director, d’Amico Shipping Group

VIP Guest

Raoul de Troije

General Manager, Hellas Confidence Shipmanagement

VIP Guest

Jorg Erdtmann

Director Fleet Management, FRS

VIP Guest

Jens von Husen

Managing Director, HBC Hamburg Bulk Carriers

VIP Guest

Patrick Schwinke

Business Development Manager, ZEABORN Ship Management

VIP Guest

Tjard Jürgens

Vice President Business Development, ZEABORN Ship Management

VIP Guest

Rohit Kapoor

Vice President Ship Management, Teekay Tankers

VIP Guest

Mikhael Serebro

Project Manager / Global Operations Function, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services

VIP Guest

Helge Grammerstorf

National Director, CLIA Germany

VIP Guest

Gijs Streppel

Senior Engineer Sustainability, Meyer Group

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